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Excellent food and drink

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Grüß Gott and bon appétit

The Dürren was the birthplace of the Edelweiss Brewery Farny. Welcome to the brewery inn with its protected historic status and to the sunny beer garden. We look forward to spoiling you with delicious Allgäu cuisine. In addition, we serve freshly tapped Farny beer from our large beer menu – try each of our specialties. If you prefer wine, you will find a fine selection from all the major wine regions.

Grüß Gott und guten Appetit im Restaurant und der Brauereiwirtschaft

Down to earth and traditional

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Koch Sebastian Pethke im Hofgut Farny
In the Brauereiwirtschaft Farny, a freshly tapped Farny beer, hearty snacks and genuine Allgäu cuisine simply taste uniquely good. Our chef Sebastian Pethke and his team cook traditional dishes with a lively and creative interpretation – seven days a week. Whether breakfast, coffee and cakes, lunch or dinner: as a hotel or day guest, you will taste the freshness of the region at every meal. By the way, the famous crystal wheat beer was invented at Hofgut Farny in 1924.

Whether you are planning a small or large celebration, with family, friends or for business – with us you will find charming premises that are simply different. From festive to rustic. From the atmospherically set table to the hearty snack. For events up to 180 people or in a smaller group in one of the cozy inn rooms.

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protected historic status


Heinrich Vögtle (*1872 † 1922) was the father of Elisabeth Farny and thus father-in-law to Oskar Farny. He was a wine grower and merchant from Oberrotweil am Kaiserstuhl. The dowry for his daughter was considerable, probably even essential to the continued success of the brewery after the 1st World War. In 1919, this parlor was furnished in a simple but stylish manner in keeping with the times.

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This parlor with its old tiled stove was dedicated to Konrad Kugel (*1783 † 1856). He was originally an innkeeper and farmer on the “Ochsen” estate in Ratzenried. He gave the Dürren estate its face. In 1833 he founded the brewery, ran a brickyard and the Arrisried peat factory. He was a true PR genius who skillfully marketed “the Dürren” for many years. Numerous records show that legendary Oktoberfests, Schützenfest shooting events and many other lavish celebrations were held.

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This parlor with its traditional regulars’ table and ornate tiled stove commemorates Hugo Farny (*1849 † 1913). He was a leader of great stature among the farming community, a breeder of brown cattle, member of the Württemberg Chamber and father of Oskar Farny. He successfully fought against the supremacy of the “cheese barons” and founded many small farming cooperatives which were merged into the “Vereinigte Käsereien Dürren” to market Emmentaler cheese.

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rustic and traditional


The vaulted “Swedish cellar” dates back to ancient times and was integrated into the new building following fire and reconstruction of the farmstead. This cellar is a remnant of the inn burned down by the Swedes during the Thirty Years’ War in 1632.

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airy and sunny


The beer garden is an essential part of the classic Allgäu inn. So the Hofgut absolutely must have one, too, especially since it allows you to enjoy the view of the old trees, the ensemble of historic buildings and the flowering meadows. Although our newly planted trees in the beer garden are still small, the old giants all around more than make up for it. In winter, our beer garden is a “festival site” for Christmas markets or Advent music.

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